Adolescence is one of the most turbulent and powerful periods of change in human development. It requires deep and complex personal work in order to readjust within family and society at large. These internal and external changes may generate predicaments, the majority of which are brief and can be resolved with appropriate support in the family. In some cases though, the emotional symptoms brought on by these crises may lead to destructive thoughts, feelings and behaviors that could benefit from professional therapeutic support. Such as adolescents that experience:icon5

  • Low in mood or depressed
  • Experience panic or anxiety
  • Struggle with obsessive thoughts and behaviours
  • Self-harm
  • Eating disorders and body dysmorphia
  • Struggles with sexuality and gender
  • Trauma
  • Empty, isolated or misunderstood.
  • Lost and lacking direction in life.

If your child or adolescent is currently experiencing any of these challenges, please feel free to be in contact. (click through to enquiry form)

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