Whilst a new baby can be joyful experience, it can also bring up deep and far ranging wealth of emotions. This can be the case whether a baby is deeply longed for, unexpected, following miscarriage or adding to a growing family.

icon3At jigsaw we have a special interest in supporting new parents who:

  • may be reminded about some difficult memories from their own childhoods
  • encounter new anxieties
  • experience changes in mood
  • experience peri/ post-natal low mood
  • have a traumatic birth experience
  • encounter incongruence between the expectations and reality of parenthood
  • feel unsupported or overwhelmed

The experience of seeking support can be invaluable and also prevent further difficulties at a later time. Seeking support may help to:

  • process experiences, particularly traumatic ones
  • seek strategies such as cognitive behaviour therapy and mindfulness
  • a space to think about changes; as a person, lifestyle and within relationships thinking about parenting approaches

Trying to conceive can also be a stressful and anxious process; especially when experiencing fertility difficulties. At Jigsaw we are interested in offering individuals and couples experiencing infertility or involved in the adoption process a reflective and containing space. Coping with these transitions touches a unique set of psychological topics and throughout therapy we would keep in mind issues of self, identity, and the need to manage emotional and physical stress.

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