Young People


Young People

icon5Young adulthood – described broadly as spanning from the early 20’s to late 30’s can be a phase full of the complex task of developing identity and finding a place in society. ┬áLearning to balance both the feelings of intimacy and aloneness within relationships is a key skill as this time and can be a difficult emotional path to navigate.

In therapy, a young adult can explore their identity, values, interests and questions related to who they are in the world and how they relate to others. Some may experience fluctuations between stages of life; endeavouring to become independent beings whilst still needing to depend on their parents for financial or emotional support. Thisfluctuation can generate a feeling of instability than can be lessened by being addressed and processed. Although it is natural to be self-focused at this time in their lives, young adults may benefit from help with seeing the bigger picture.

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